Cabo Submarine: View the beauty of Land’s End above and below sea level

Cabo Submarine is a 60ft Semi Submersible Yellow Submarine that holds 49 guests with 3 crew members. The submarine does not fully submerge, but guests get to experience the beautiful waters and landscapes of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean from the air conditioned comfort of an underwater viewing cabin. The lower viewing level has seats each with its own large viewing port (34 lower level seats). Guests will see many species of underwater life and activity. They will also discover the unusual rock formations of Land’s End, tropical fish, and a sea lion colony as the submarine tours out to the Arch past Lover’s Beach.

Cabo Submarine offers day tours, night tours, and private charter tours. The submarine day tour consists of a fish feeding along the rock structures of Pelican Rock and Neptune’s finger, along with upper level viewings of the famous Arch and Lover’s Beach. This tour is great for families and anyone looking for a different way to see the beautiful Sea life of Cabo San Lucas.

The submarine night tour consists of an exterior illuminated fish feeding along the rock structures of Pelican’s Rock and Neptune’s finger. The submarine has a state of the art underwater lighting system that consists of 24 high powered 250W halogen bulbs to light up the surroundings of the submarine. Guests will see the Sea life activity at night, and will be introduced to another World that only comes out after dark.

Private charter tours are available for birthday parties, wedding parties, or any other special event. The submarine has capacity for 49 guests. Private tours can include catered food and beverages (soft drinks, beer, wine, and liquor are all available as options). The submarine has a state of the art sound system for CDs and flat screen monitors for DVDs.

Please contact us if you’d like schedule and pricing information, or if we can book a tour for your next visit to Cabo.

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