Celebrate Easter in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Mission Church

This year, Easter Sunday falls April 5th. If you’re planning a trip to Cabo during Easter (or Pasqua), there are a few things you should know.

Easter is Big in Mexico

Being a predominantly Catholic population, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Easter (and the entire Holy Week, to be honest) is an important holiday across Mexico. FYI: Easter Sunday in Mexico is called Domingo de Ramos. On Easter, many places will be closed, so double check if you have a dinner plans or an outing scheduled that weekend. This is particularly important outside of Los Cabos where tourism isn’t as common. And don’t forget, here in Mexico there is Easter Monday. Companies may still be closed the Monday follow Easter Sunday. (Banks, government, etc included.)

Easter Holiday + Spring Break = Plan Ahead

Like we said, Easter is big in Mexico. In fact, most schools release for 2 WHOLE WEEKS in observance of Holy Week and Easter, which means it won’t just be international tourists to think about when traveling to Baja. Your best bet for navigating a Cabo San Lucas Easter is to plan ahead! Make dining reservations whenever possible this week. Work with your La Estancia Vacations team to best use your time or contact the Villa La Estancia concierge for help. The bottom line: If you’re planning to travel to Cabo on Easter, just give yourself ample time to book a Cabo villa, rent a car or find transportation, and get plane tickets.

Happy Family On Vacation

A Mexican Easter Doesn’t Really Include A Bunny

Around most of Mexico, you won’t be seeing any Easter bunnies and you won’t be hunting for eggs. Los Cabos, however, is somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to these American holiday traditions. Because the region is such a popular destination, many companies, resorts and restaurants incorporate bunnies, eggs, and treats into their Easter celebrations. Just remember, these are an American tradition, not typically included in Mexican Easter celebrations.

Have an Epic Sunday Brunch

Heading to Easter Mass not your thing? Well, we know one place that definitely won’t be closed on Domingo de Ramos: The spectacular Flora Farm! They are, once again, hosting a delicious Easter Brunch. The brunch runs from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., and features spring staples like sweet pastries, scrambled eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, fresh orange juice and amazing desserts. Away from the table, play in the croquet tournament, play farm games and embark upon a farm egg hunt. Easter brunch at Flora Farm is perfect for families with children! (Photo via Flora Farm Facebook)

Flora Farm Easter

Bless a Palm

Okay, YOU won’t bless the palm, but the priest will. Purchase a palm before heading into church for mass. Once you’re inside, the priest will bless all of the palms as part of the Easter service. This is not a necessity, just very common practice at local services.

Felices Pascuas!

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