Beachfront Bar + Swings = Amazing

DSC07413If you’ve walked down Medano Beach from Villa La Estancia you may have noticed a small, but fun bar at Baja Cantina’s beachfront location. We affectionately call in the swing bar. It’s a fun departure from the norm and, well, a great vacation photo opportunity.

Baja Cantina (which also has a marina location) is located about 10 minutes walking from the La Estancia villas on the beach. It’s right next to the popular Office and just past Mango Deck. We recommend working up a thirst with a SUP rental just a few spots down first, then relaxing the afternoon away on the swings.

Try out the Baja Cantina swing bar next trip to Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas. And don’t forget, #findyourcabo!





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