August Featured Beach: Lover’s

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Summer is for lovers. And Lover’s Beach is for all. Recently, we detailed touring Land’s End on the Cheap; but breezed past the incredible Lover’s Beach. How dare we?!?

Well, now Lover’s Beach is getting her much deserved time in the spotlight! Accessible by water taxi, Lover’s Beach is that last bit of sand on Land’s End. As you’re lounging on Lover’s Beach, enjoy great views of Medano Beach and far out into the Sea of Cortez. As it is located on the Cortez side of Land’s End, Lover’s is typically safe for swimming. It’s also a top snorkel spot on those calm days. Use your best judgement, and if the waters are rough, don’t venture in. Water taxi will typically let you know my not running trips to Lover’s Beach, but rather past the beach, pausing at the arch for photos and around to the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors: Be prepared for a lack of shade on Lover’s Beach. The towering rock formations are the all you get and they won’t provide you much shade at all. There are also no facilities (Read: Bathrooms), so keep that in mind. If you’re asking us, hop a water taxi with your snorkel, towel and some snacks for a few hours enjoying an iconic Cabo experience.

Water taxis regularly run from Medano Beach in front of Villa La Estancia to Lover’s Beach 7 days a week.

Cabo San Lucas


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