Don’t Make The 1 Mistake That Can Ruin Your Cabo Vacation

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If you’re coming to Cabo San Lucas, you’re probably looking forward to endless beaches, sparkling blue water and oceanfront restaurants. And sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine. But if you really want to enjoy your getaway, don’t make the one mistake that can ruin your vacation in Cabo. We get it, trust us. We love the way a good Mexican suntan can look. The tan feels good, looks good and screams “vacation.” Nevertheless, too many Cabo visitors get overly excited about the sunshine and stunning outdoors and forget to slather on enough sunscreen.

A bad sunburn can ruin days of vacation. It can force beach lovers inside, it can make you feel ill with sunstroke. So, please for the sake of your vacation and the health of your skin, don’t forget the sun protection!

In honor of May and Skin Cancer Awareness Month, here are La Estancia Vacations’ Top Three Sun Safety Tips:

1 – Think Shot Glass

In Cabo San Lucas, shot glasses are usually full of tequila. In this case, we’re talking sunscreen. As a general aka Skin Cancer Foundation, rule of thumb, a shot glass worth of sunscreen should be used on the body. Add a nickel-sized amount for your face as well. And no, SPF 4 won’t cut it. Keep your skin safe with SPF of 30 and above. Re-apply the same amount every two hours, more often if you’ve been in the water.


2 – Check the Ingredients

There’s two types of sunscreen out there, physical and chemical. Physical is the generally agreed upon better sunscreen option, as it actually sits on the skin and deflects the harmful rays of the sun. Look for the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as sunscreen ingredients. Physical sunscreens also has fewer ingredients than typical chemical sunblocks which means they’re less likely to cause irritation. Don’t stop at UVA/UVB, you need to see the words “Broad Spectrum Protection.”

3 – Dress for the Weather

Undoubtedly, most of your time in Cabo San Lucas will be spend in a swimsuit. The beach, that water, you can’t avoid it. But, you can avoid overexposing your skin to the strong Cabo sun rays. Ladies, bring or buy a wide brimmed hat that can protect you scalp, ears and face. If you’ve ever burnt your scalp, you’ll want that hat. Light, breathable clothing can keep you cool, but make sure the extremities are covered. If you’re really dedicated to your sun protection, there are a number of clothing companies selling items with additional SPF protection.

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Sun Precautions

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