Feliz Navidad like a Local

If you’re anything like us, you may be tempted to trade those winter coats and a white Christmas for bathing suits and white sand beaches. For anyone considering a last-minute holiday escape or those who have book and need some ideas, here are a few ways to enjoy Christmas time in Cabo San Lucas!

1. Whale Watching


Whale watching season has officially returned to Cabo! One of our favorite activities, it never gets old because you never know what you will see! The Sea of Cortez is somewhat of a whale sanctuary for these massive creatures who have finished their trek from the feeding grounds off of Alaska. Between Dec. 15 and April 15, you are all but guaranteed to catch a glimpse of the largest mammals on earth-blue whales-in their natural habitat. Also in town, gray and humpback (and the lesser known Bryde´s, Sei and Fin species. Check out Cabo Adventures for a great Cabo whale watching adventure!

2. San Jose Art Walk


Holiday shopping is notoriously stressful. What to get your mom, best friend, boss?!? The weekly San Jose Art Walk is your answer! Pick up one-of-a-kind gifts that can match anyone and everyone on your list. Not only is this one of our favorite seasonal activities, it’s one of our overall favorite “must do’s). The Art Walk runs every Thursday from November to June, but really picks up during the high holidays seasons. You may plan on shopping for others, but you’re likely to pick a gift (or three) up for yourself as well!

3. Sunset Cruise

One of the main reasons people travel during the holidays is to skip the stresses commonly associated with this time of year. Family commitments, busy work schedules and rough winter travel. Well, what better to erase the stresses of everyday life than a relaxing (and often romantic) sunset cruise around Land’s End and the Sea of Cortez? There are a number of great sunset cruise operators that offer everything from jazz to wine to dinner cruise options.

4. Pool Day


One of our favorite things about Christmas in Cabo is the ability to lounge around the resort moving from bed to pool to beach lounge without ever breaking a sweat. The holidays are all about spending time with family and that is easily achievable at Villa La Estancia. Whether you’re preparing a feast in your villa kitchen or enjoying a meal out, don’t forget to soak it all in.

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