UPDATED: Hurricane Blanca: What We’re Seeing

UPDATE: Sunday, June 7, 2015:

What we’ve been waiting for finally arrived this afternoon (Sunday). The morning was full of wind and big waves, but the main event didn’t start until later in the day. The winds picked up dramatically and rain has been on and off. While we don’t know what the exact predictions were, we can definitely say that the rain has been limited (compared to what you’d expect from this tropical “event”).

We were also THRILLED to hear that Blanca was officially dropped to a tropical storm and the expected wind gusts fell dramatically from the previous day. Im sure we’re joined by everyone on the Baja peninsula on that.

Here’s a few notes from today:

  • Medano Beach is DEFINITELY closed today. No surfer, no boogie boarder, no nothings. The waves are much bigger than yesterday, Saturday; and they’ve dramatically reshaped the beach in front of Villa La Estancia. Where sand once met you at the resort steps, there are now just big boulders (which will once again be covered in sand soon, we’re sure)
  • The La Estancia villas team is once again doing a fantastic job. This morning before things picked up, they were out cleaning the (closed) pool. Removing debris that had been blown in overnight. They were also removing the fabric top of Villa La Estancia’s swim-up bar. Making sure to avoid any and all damage.
  • These palm trees at Villa La Estancia are tough! Those that made it through Odile are getting beat up pretty good, but standing strong. We really haven’t even seem many palms falling around the resort.
  • Guests of Villa La Estancia are pretty much sitting still today. We saw more action this morning before the rain and heavier winds arrived, however. Some guests were watching the waves at the edge of the property, while many other took in the storm from their villa’s balcony. As the day day progressed, you only see a few people darting in and out of buildings quickly.
  • The gym and market remained open today.

Watch videos from the storm’s progression on Facebook. And, here are some photos taken throughout the day:

This morning around 8:30 a.m.:

Hurricane Blanca

Late this morning around 10 a.m.:

Hurricane Blanca


Today around noon:

Hurricane Blanca


This afternoon about 4 p.m.:

Hurricane Blanca


Originally posted Saturday, June 6. 

With a marked jump in humidity and wave size, it’s clear some is coming … however, it’s unclear exactly what that “something” will be.

Locals and tourists alike have been keeping a close eye on weather updates regarding Hurricane Blanca. While it’s good to be prepared, the weather updates have been quite confusing — even for those of us with a front row seat and second-by-second updates. Why? Well, as Outkast once said, “you can’t predict the weather.” The Weather Channel and the National Hurricane Center are on top of the storm, but unable to give those of us in Los Cabos a solid idea of what’s to come because Blanca just can’t make up her mind.

“Blanca’s intensity has fluctuated up and down over the past week, at times allowing it to strengthen into a formidable hurricane. Blanca rapidly morphed into a major hurricane off the Mexican Pacific Coast, reaching Category 4 status on June 3,” reported The Weather Channel.

With Hurrican Odile fresh in the minds of locals, they’re being very cautious in their preparations. Speaking to a life-long Los Cabos resident and Medano Beach tour operator, they’re hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. They had moved all of their boats and jet skis to a different part of the region to ensure as soon as the storm passed, they’d be back in business.

Here’s what we can tell you as of Saturday, June 6:

  • Beaches (speaking primarily about Medano) are basically closed, except for a few surfers and boogie boarders taking advantage of the bigger waves. Villa La Estancia blocked the beach entry to discourage guests from venturing down to the sand.
  • The Cabo San Lucas Marina/Port closed as of 3 pm on Friday, June 5. This allowed anglers, boat owners, etc. time to move their vessels elsewhere.
  • Beach businesses are either shuttered or gone. All those tents dotting Medano, they’ve closed up shop for a few days.
  • Most people seem to be going about their business just fine today. The pool at Villa La Estancia is quite full, as every one gets what they can out of the humid, overcast day.
  • Villa La Estancia has done a fantastic job preparing for the storm, whatever it may be. They closed the pool around 4 p.m. and pulled all the lounge furniture, tables, and umbrellas inside. They preemptively tipped over potted plants to hopefully spare them during the storm.
  • La Estancia employees went villa by villa bringing in all the chairs, lounge furniture and potted plants to protect the furniture and the safety of the guests.
  • As for the guests, most seem to be taking the turn of weather events quite well. The market was full with people stocking up on food, snacks, water and alcohol, of course.

IMG_5291IMG_5293 IMG_5292

Stay tuned for more Hurricane Blanca updates from La Estancia Vacations here in Los Cabos.

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