Making Mother’s Day Special

Mothers. They do A LOT for us, but don’t always get the appreciation they so deserve. Make this an extra special Mother’s Day in Cabo San Lucas with a few of our helpful hints. And just in case you are wondering, Mother’s Day 2017 is Sunday, May 10! (Mark your calendars now!)



Ask most moms and they will tell you all they want is to relax. In addition to letting mom sleep in a bit this special day, treat her to a beachside massage (with the sound of waves crashing, yes please!). There are a number of tents that line Medano Beach offering various massage options. Or, take the  luxe route at The Desert Spa just steps from Villa La Estancia at Villa Del Arco. Indulge in a massage, facial, mani-pedi or all three! Mom will certainly appreciate the extra attention she so deserves!



While some mothers will revel in a day of pampering, others may want to get out and explore! Why not give her an exciting Mother’s Day to remember with an undersea adventure. Cabo San Lucas is a snorkeling and scuba hot spot thanks to the vast array of sea creatures (rays, turtles, fish, whale sharks, and so much more!) Depending on her level of adventure, you can enjoy a snorkeling tour at Land’s End, go scuba diving in the incredible Cabo Pulmo, or try diving with Hammerheads at Gordo Banks! If mom is up for something really unique, look no further than Cabo power snorkeling. According to Cabo San Lucas Tours, “like James Bond, you’ll be propelled through the water by an underwater scooter, getting closer to rays and sea turtles and enjoying the abundance of tropical fish and the wide array of marine life than you’ve ever imagined!”



Mothers are people too! They will love to indulge in the delicacies of Los Cabos. Treat mom to an amazing dinner with EPIC views…there are a fair few to choose from! Dine amongst the flowers at Flora Farms, watch the sun dip behind the arch at Sunset da Mona Lisa, sip on some bubbly at the Champagne Bar (pictured above), dine on home cooking elevated at Ediths. For more Cabo dining ideas:


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