November Cabo Fishing Report


After the craziness of the Bisbee’s fishing tournaments, you’d think our waters would be all fished out. That just isn’t the case! The waters surrounding Los Cabos continue to offer fantastic fishing for our visiting anglers. According to our friends at Pisces Sport fishing “Fishing was nearly perfect this week, with only four boats skunked and a catch success rate of 95 percent. Our main catch this week was dorado, their sizes increasing to the 20-30lbs range in some cases.”

While not as big as in big weeks, yellowfin tuna catches remained consistent. This last week of the month was all about dorado and striped marlin. According to the Cabo fishing report from Pisces the breakdown was Billfish 49%, Tuna 7%, Dorado 61%, other 7%.

Looking forward, we’re moving into (or continuing) peak fishing for striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, Sierra mackerel…and even Mako sharks!

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