November Featured Beach: Medano Beach (Part 1)

We can’t lie, we’re pretty partial when it comes to Medano Beach. It’s our home away from home, our paradise. And, seeing how Villa La Estancia sits right on the edge of Medano, we tend to spend A LOT of time there.

We couldn’t pick just one reason why we love Medano, so we picked out five.

1. Easy Access from the villas

If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to work very hard on your vacation. Some days, all we might do is move from our bed to the pool to the beach. Luckily, that doesn’t take any time at all! Villa La Estancia has easy access just steps from every single one of the units at Villa La Estancia Los Cabos. AND, we can’t ignore the fact that every unit at Villa La Estancia enjoys views of Medano, and each villa terrace is ocean facing. It doesn’t get better than that!



2. Sunrise and Sunset

We can’t tell you the number of sunrises and sunsets we’ve watched from or over Medano Beach. Sunrise is the perfect time to take a walk (or for the motivated, a run) along the beach–you’ll get the perfect temperatures and you’ll only have a few people in your way. With the location of Medano Beach, you won’t see the sun drop below the horizon, but you will enjoy the view of Land’s End and soft colors.




3. Reserved Villa La Estancia Seating

If you want more than a towel on the sand or want a break from the sun, don’t worry. Villa La Estancia Cabo San Lucas offers guests lounges, sun umbrellas and towels right there on the ocean’s shores. Read, sleep, relax or take a dive in the Sea of Cortez. Drink and food service is also available from the Villa La Estancia beach lounges.




4. Endless Turquoise Waters

During a recent trip we were chatting with a first-time visitor to Cabo San Lucas and Villa La Estancia. They remarked that they couldn’t believe the colors of the Sea of Cortez and they couldn’t believe that the sea seemed to get more blue and more turquoise every day. We don’t disagree! Just when you think it’s reached its pinnacle, it gets more beautiful!



5. A Swimmable Beach

As many know, there are a number of non-swimmable beaches around Los Cabos. Medano is DEFINITELY not one of them. It’s actually one of the most popular beaches for watersports and activities in all of Cabo. Due to the slope of the beach in front of Villa La Estancia, the waves can be challenging–but FUN! Head west on Medano just a few minutes then the slope will flatten out and the waves become fun for all ages.



You got us…we couldn’t stop at 5 reasons to love Medano. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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