Our Picks: Most Swimmable Beaches in Cabo

Cabo is all ABOUT the coastline. Beautiful white sand beaches met by stunning turquoise waters. But, alas, not all of these beaches are hospitable to swimmers. Here are our La Estancia Vacations choices for Cabo’s Most Swimmable Beaches!

1. Santa Maria 

Protected on both sides by towering rock formations, you can count on Santa Maria to provide a calm and quiet day at the beach. perfect for playing and snorkeling, the water is safe. The beach itself is also quite calm and offers visitors shade palapas and minimal facilities. Santa Maria is one of Cabo’s certified Blue Flag Beaches.


2. Chileno

You simply can’t go wrong with a visit to Chileno! The bay is known for it’s ultra-calm waters and ideal snorkeling conditions. Families flock to Chileno as the currents and waves are great for young children. Chileno is also home to some lovely tide pools the whole family with have fun exploring.


3. Palmilla

Another family favorite, Palmilla Beach is a quiet beach that offers kids a great condition to play in the water or on the sand. You wont believe the stunning turquoise water and how it isn’t more crowded. While Palmilla is often synonymous with the resort of the same name, Palmilla Beach is in fact public!


4. Medano 

We have an undying love for Medano Beach! It’s beautiful, action packed and fun! Nevertheless, as we choose Medano as one of our most swimmable, it comes with a caveat. The wavebreak becomes progressively more kind the further west you move from Villa La Estancia. While completely swimmable just in front of La Estancia’s private lounges, the slope of entry can be daunting for younger children. For those looking for a much calmer wave, head just a few minutes towards the beach restaurants for the perfect combo of fun and friendly!



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