Pisces Fishing Report: August 16 – 22

The bites are back according to the Pisces Fishing team. Billfish catches were up 20%, possibly due to weather temperatures becoming more stable and to the moon being in its darker stages. Every boat had some great successes including a 240 lb. blue marlin catch and 120-140 lb. two striped marlin. This week, Dorado catches also soared to 264. Reaching 85%, they were the most caught species in Cabo.

Overall Catch Success Rate (All Species Combined): 94%

Numbers at a Glance:
Billfish – 62%
Dorado – 85%
Tuna – 19%
Other – 24%

It was mostly sunny and hot and humid. Dark clouds threatened the Los Cabos area, but no rain or lightning made landfall.

Pacific side from Lighthouse to Golden Gate

Average Water Temperature:
86 degrees fahrenheit

Best Lures:
Live Caballito, green, orange and assorted colors

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