Snorkel-Worthy Cabo Destinations

It really doesn’t matter how old you are … snorkeling is fun! Kids get to experience life under the sea and adults get a chance to be a kid once again. Those who aren’t avid swimmers or comfortable in the ocean can use helpful flotation devices to make it an easy and relaxing experience. Lucky for you, Los Cabos is home to a number of snorkel-worthy spots, some just paces off the sandy shore. Here are our top Cabo snorkel spots.

Chileno Bay

Chileno is a must on any Cabo snorkel list. The clear, calm waters are ideal for swimmers and snorkelers of all levels and the tide pools promise some interesting sea creatures. You can thank the bay for protecting you from waves and strong currents. We’ve never seen a bad day at Chileno.



Land’s End (Tour)

If you’re looking for a great snorkel experience, look no further than Land’s End. Tours runs regularly to some of Land’s End’s best spots including just off Lover’s Beach, but the seal colony, pelican rock and more. Many visitors opt to take kayaking tours out to Land’s End to get the most out of their trip.




Santa Maria

Similar to Chileno, Santa Maria is protected from waves and strong currents; however, it is typically less populated. We love the quiet peace of Santa Maria and the stunning turquoise water. Tours often stop at Santa Maria, but you can easily reach the beach and snorkel on your own.



Lover’s Beach

We just felt it was right to add Lover’s Beach to the list. Depending on the current and tides, Lover’s Beach can be an awesome snorkel spot. Rent or buy a snorkel and goggles then hop an inexpensive water taxi out to the tip of Land’s End. When the Sea of Cortez is behaving, taxis run regularly all day. Don’t forget, there are no facilities (or shade) at Land’s End. Plan accordingly with food, water and sunscreen.

Cabo San Lucas


Bonus: Power Snorkel

For those of us who need to amp up the action a little, take your snorkel experience to the next level with the Power Snorkel. Power snorkels are basically a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving. The hand held unit allows you to move quickly through the water like you’re on an underwater scooter.

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