Tour Land’s End (on the cheap!)


When you’re planning a vacation, it can be tough to stay on budget. For most of us, our vacation wish list can exceed our budget. Don’t fret. Villa La Estancia Los Cabos is located right on Medano Beach just minutes from many of the Cabo water taxis.

Hopping a water taxi out to Lover’s Beach and the tip of Land’s End can range in price, but tour operators like Aries Water Sports has it available for $9 (buy your tickets online, use them anytime).

What we love about the water taxis is you get to see the famous rock formations on both the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean side of Land’s End, as well as the opportunity to hang out on the beautiful Lover’s Beach.

Here’s What You Should Expect on a Cabo Water Taxi Tour:

Land’s End: Look up! You’ll be able to spot a white cross atop Mt. Solmar. Some take to the hill to hike to the cross and take in breathtaking views of Cabo.

Lover’s Beach: Hop off the water taxi and spend an hour (or two) lounging on this famous beach. On the Sea of Cortez side of Land’s End, the water is usually calm and can be great for snorkeling.

Neptune’s Finger: Snap some photos of this unique rock formation.

The Arch: There is nothing better than getting a photo opp in front of one of the most famous sights in all of Los Cabos. Rumor has it that there is one month every four years that water levels are low enough to actually walk under the giant rock arch.

Seal Colony: When you sail by this somewhat flat rock, you’ll wish you were one of them. These seals spend their days basking in the sunshine and being cooled by the splashing waves.

Window to the Pacific: Your captain can point out this easy to miss sight and give you a chance to look right through a massive rock all the way to the Pacific.

Scooby Rock: To be honest, we’re not sure this is the official name, but it is what our captain called it (so it’s good enough for us). From the right angle, you’ll think you’re looking at the real cartoon crime fighter.

Divorce Beach: Connected to Lover’s Beach by a strip of sand, Divorce is the much more turbulent beach and should not be messed with. The Pacific Ocean currents are far too strong to make swimming safe. Feel free to hang out on the shore, but stay out of the water and stay safe.









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