Traveler Beware: Cabo’s Big Traffic Fines

A big thank you to our friends at the Gringo Gazette for recently issuing this warning to travelers: Big fines are here for traffic violations. According to the Gazette, billboards are now in place around the country informing locals and travelers that traffic violations are carrying a hefty fine, and if you ask us … their warnings should be heeded. We much prefer spending our hard earned dollars on margaritas, jet ski sessions and dinners out.

Here’s what you can expect to pay if you decide to ignore the Mexican traffic laws:

Car speeding: $289

Truck speeding: $412

Not using seat belts: $103

Blabbing on cell phone while driving: $83

Driving under the influence $825 (which no matter the cost, we beg our guests and everyone to avoid. Taxis are readily available and far cheaper than this DUI charge).

The Gringo Gazette also shared that fines can be paid online atĀ Good news for travelers.

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