Turtle Season: Witness the Journey

June is the start to turtle season on the Baja peninsula. Each year, thousands of adult turtles make their way up Cabo’s shore to lay their eggs in the sand. While it is typically Oliver Ridley and Leatherback turtles who lay their eggs here, four of the five sea turtle types can b found. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the mother turtles, you’ll have to wake up early. Upon laying and burying the eggs, the mothers will be returning to their homes in the ocean around dawn.

Unfortunately, the survival rate of baby sea turtles is extremely low. To help ensure the most baby turtles reach maturity (which is 30-40 years), there are several agencies and hotels that take part in protection activities. Volunteers are used to record the times and locations of the eggs. Just hours after the eggs are laid, they are collected and moved to safer locations. And, finally, after approximately 60 days of incubation the newly hatched turtles are released in secure settings.

Take part in the Cabo sea turtle release every summer, and help protect these ancient animals. The season can continue through December.

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