We love Cabo San Lucas as much as the next person … okay, more than most … but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good day trip every once and awhile. And with how amazing Los Cabo is, it seems criminal not to explore! Enjoy Part 1 of our top Cabo day trips.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a beautiful, peaceful, artistic town about an hour and a half north of Cabo San Lucas. Once a sugar cane mecca … Todos Santos is now a hub for artists. Lovely galleries, small shops and quaint cafes line the dirt roads. Todos Santos is also a popular surf spot for experienced surfers. The area is known to get some big waves and great surf conditions. Todos Santos is also home to the famous Hotel California. While there is some discrepancy as to whether it actually inspired the Eagles’ hit, we choose to believe it did. Whether or not, it’s still worth a visit. The hotel itself is filled with beautiful artwork, great gifts for friends back home and a bar that knows how to make margaritas. It’s hard to have just one of their amazing tequila concoctions. And did we mention they have their own Hotel California tequila? Who wouldn’t want to take a bottle home?

As you head back to Cabo San Lucas, we definitely recommend stopping off at the most curious, but amazing roadside attraction. Just a few miles south of Todos Santos is the quirky Art & Beer. Owned and operated by husband and wife team Don Alfredo and Lourdes, Art & Beer is a palapa-style establishment with beautiful Pacific Ocean views. Designate a driver before ordering one of their massive fresh fruit margaritas. As you sip, head up to the rooftop and around the platform path. Art installations have been placed everywhere, yet is somehow fits perfectly with the desert landscaping. There is a minimum charge, so it’s not the place to stop if you’re not planning on enjoying a drink or a bite. The couple is as quirky as the restaurant, but it will definitely be a memorable stop!

Todos Santos DSC_1126

Todos Santos DSC_1121


Cerritos is an ever-popular day trip from Cabo for two reason: 1) The beach bar 2) The surf school. We don’t think you can have one without the other, as every trip we’ve ever made has been a perfect combination of both. Cerritos itself has been a quiet surf colony for years, and the beach club has done a fantastic job retaining some of the charm. The bar/restaurant sits on the beach, with a majority of seating right there on the sand. Cerritos, too, has their own tequila brand and amazing cocktails. We highly recommend enjoying a classic margarita with a big plate of nachos … Let us rephrase, we highly recommend those treat AFTER your surf lesson is over. In addition to the restaurant, the Cerritos Surf Club features a great surf school with experienced and welcoming instructors.

The surf school instructors put newbies at ease with some on shore lessons and practice before hitting the waves. Cerritos is, in part, a popular beginning surf spot thanks to the soft sand floor and small waves. Everyone we’ve ever taken to the surf school successfully rode waves in by the end of the lesson.

…And now you can enjoy that margarita.



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