Pisces Fishing Report: August 2 – 8

According to the Pisces Fishing team, it wasn’t an easy week of tuna fishing with some boats running up to 40 miles.  While it’s hot (don’t get us wrong, it’s quite warm), the Pisces team thinks the difficulty could be attributed to the lack of tropical storms in the Pacific. For this week, billfish were the number one catch for Pisces. Possibly attributed to the presence of commercial boats in the area, tuna catches dropped slightly.

Overall Catch Rate (All Species Combined): 74%
Billfish: 51%
Tuna: 35%
Dorado: 12%
Other: 9%

Best Lures: 
Blue Marlin lures – trigrillo, petrolero, striped marlins live & dead bait, sailfish live bait, tuna cedar plugs, dorado live bait and yellow & green lures.

Weather Conditions:
Hot, sunny, partly cloudy

Water Conditions:
Rough seas for a few days, ending calm. Water temperatures 86-87 degrees F

Everywhere! 20 – 40 miles out from Land’s End, Cabrillo Sea Mount, Elias Calles, Moros Prietos, Barco Varado, and Punta Gorda.

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