Get to The Office Cabo San Lucas. Boss’s Orders.


Video proof that the views are unbeatable!

Don’t know about you, but we don’t usually get excited about a trip to the office. Except here in paradise “the office” takes on a whole new (amazing) meaning. One of the most popular restaurants in Cabo San Lucas, The Office lets you dine with your feet in the sand and provides you an unbeatable view of Land’s End. Unless you’re on a boat, you can’t dine any closer to the Sea of Cortez. Sip on an amazing (and giant) margarita, enjoy fresh ceviche and watch the pink sky fade to dark.

The Office Cabo San Lucas is located just down from Villa La Estancia on the popular Medano Beach. Take a walk down the beach or hop in a taxi for a quick ride to the bar/restaurant. Personally, we like to sit with our toes in the sand, but you can choose to sit further from the water, under the Palapa-style restaurant roof or near the live music.

*Note to diners: If you’ve nabbed a seat near to the wave break, watch your purse and other valuables. Be careful not to set them on the ground. You never know when a little wave will make it to your table!

We’d usually say don’t take drinks from a stranger…but that man in the sombrero, he’s no a stranger. Keep your eyes peeled for our friend, the popular Rambo and his tequila bottle. He doles out makeshift tequila shots straight from the bottle to your mouth. You’ll know he is coming when you hear the whistle!

The Office Cabo San Lucas serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the peak season, it can get pretty busy! Make a reservation or give yourself plenty of time to get your table. La Estancia Vacations can help you make this reservation or any other dining plans during your Cabo vacation!

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