Local Flavor: Artist Ivan Guadarrama

Interactive art. Have you heard of it? If you haven’t, we INSIST you head to the San Jose del Cabo Art District and the gallery of Ivan Guadarrama. From the moment we stepped into the gallery, we were in love with his colorful, unique and inspirational pieces. And we’re pretty sure you will like the humble, yet oh so talented, Ivan as much as you like his paintings and sculptures. Much of the Ivan Guadarrama Art Gallery is filled with angels, biblical references and inspirational statements.

At just 31 years old, Ivan is a creative presence to be reckoned with. He was introduced to airbrush painting in high school, then developed his artistic skills while studying at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Soon after graduating, Ivan created what he calls “Live Texture,” in which he combines oil, acrylic paint, marble powder and resins to enhance the material characteristic of his work. Since then, Ivan has introduced fans to his unforgettable interactive art installations.

It is safe to say that Ivan has produced some of the most unique pieces any of our La Estancia Vacations team had ever seen. When you enter the gallery, forget that old rule: “Don’t touch the art.” Ivan created his art to be touched!

This piano painting isn’t just beautiful. It’s the perfect marriage art and music. Take a listen!

When you place your hands on the hearts of this painting, you make music that is unique to your pulse. Where some may be high and fast, others may be lower and slower. When two (or more) touch the painting, they can actually play each other! Just watch!

Ivan even used his interactive art in a beautiful proposal. Watch it here!

This is by far the most entertaining art gallery in San Jose del Cabo. Keep an eye out for Ivan’s work in the San Jose del Cabo International Airport! More on his inspirational religious paintings later!

Visit ivanguadarrama.com for more.

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