Cabo Fishing Report: June 6 – 12

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 7.11.25 PM
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 80%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 76%, Other 33%
It was a definitely a mixed week… What some feared to be another hurricane came ashore as Tropical Storm Blanca, but still caused some issues for the boats. The harbor master closed the Marina on Friday, June 5 before the storm really kicked up the wave size on the 6th and then made landfall on the 7th. The numbers are lower this report that most, mainly due to the 3 days of marina closure. Now, onto the fishin’!
According to Pisces Sportfishing, it was a really mixed week. Some boats had zero catches in the wake of the storm, while others had some nice marlin catches. “The largest blue for us was caught aboard 38 ft. Pisces Speedwell  estimated at 350 lbs. caught the 11.50 spot by James & Sally Sullivan from San Antonio, Texas  on a guacamaya lure;  they also released a striped marlin estimated at 120 lbs,” reported Pisces. Other than the marlin, there was some good numbers reported on roosters and groupers (with a few snapper and triggerfish thrown in).
Looking forward to calmer weather, calmer seas and increased catches! Have a great week, everyone!

LOCATION:  11.50 and 95 spots.

WEATHER:  Stormy weather with winds up to 70 mph on the Pacific and some rain, followed by bumpy seas for a couple of days, then calm.


BEST LURES:  live bait, guacamaya

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