Cabo Fishing Report: Sept. 29 – Oct. 2

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Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 82%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 64%, Tuna 42%, Dorado 11%, Other 14%

Our friends at Pisces Sportfishing are back with a new fishing report! And, according to Pisces, “we are enjoying some of the best summer fishing in years.” Great news for local fisherman and visiting anglers alike. That said, the period of this report did include a few rainy days in which the marina was closed. Pisces fishing charters had fantastic luck with marlin (caught and released), tuna, dorado and more. Tracy Ann, the Pisces boat, was the luckiest of the bunch and even included a visiting group to reel in 3 tuna that they could grill up for the table. In fact, 14 yellowfin tuna were caught last week in all. On the other hand, Dorado catches were few and far between.

Additional species include snappers, roosterfish, skipjacks, and even triggerfish.

Mostly Pacific from Land’s End to Golden Gate, San Jaime, 30-40 miles out, 95 spot.

Partly cloudy, hot, mostly calm seas, several rainy days.

Average Water Temperature:
86 F

Best Lures:
Live caballito, orange/black, blue/white, green/yellow, cedar plugs.

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